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Word Out en espaƱol

Publisher, Editor, Author: Angela Addison

Story:  Word Out started in 2020 to put Jesus WORD OUT through the Word of God addressing issues and how to turn to God in certain situations that we face. We all come upon an obstacle in which we feel all alone and feel as though no one has been through this issue or maybe not even know what to do in the situation. Well going to God in His Word is the best option to address any issue. TL4C joined with Word Way Ministries Intl to produce a newsletter to do just that. We have a vision that we will get the Word Out and turn others life around through the ministry of this newsletter internationally. 

Word Out will illustrate: Issues that many faces daily, life events, prayers, events, scriptures, etc. everything that is pertaining to the Word of God.

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Thank you and God Bless each and every one of you. 

Our Family Prays for you and Remember Jesus Loves You